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[Multiplayer Halo Tips]
  • Never stop moving, you will be a ripe target of a sniper.
  • Grenades, grenades, grenades.
  • Vehicles are not always best for some situations but they are good distractions and good for quick escapes.
  • Be sure you know the game type you are playing.
  • Work with your team, this is possible with out any communication between players.
  • Know the level and where possible choke points are and where ambushes can be made.
  • Pick up any power-ups you can, even if you don't need it you make sure your enemy does not get it.
  • Even when you have the flag or the skull you can use it to melee other players.
  • Be sure you have the sound up to hear where battles are taking place and in game status (flag/skull/hill possession).
  • Be careful when trying to run over players with a vehicle, players can be very hard to hit in the Warthog.
  • Players in a tank leave their heads in the open, remember this when using and fighting the tank.
  • The Banshee is meant to fly. Don't try to run over players, a quick grenade to the hull and you are dead.
  • The flamethrower can damage you if you run over flaming corpses or run into walls that have been splashed by flame.
  • When using the shotgun it is almost always better to close the distance and take the first volley from your opponent and then drop them at closer range.
  • Most human players are predictable and follow habits of game play; the best way to combat this is to do things that they would not think of for the situation.
  • When you have the flag or skull, never ride in the front seat of the Warthog as the other team will be able to see what you are carrying.
  • If you have the flag or skull you can throw them by using the fire or throw grenade buttons.
[Co-op Halo Tips]
  • Communicate; it is the most important thing.
  • Know your partners strengths and weaknesses, if he can't snipe and you can't drive make use of that knowledge.
  • Think about which weapons each of you should carry, sometimes carrying the same thing is not best for the mission.
  • Sometimes it is best to sacrifice one of you so the other can make the next checkpoint.
  • If you are low on health have your partner melee you in the back for a quick solution.
  • When entering highly populated areas have one player hang back incase it the resistance becomes too heavy.
[Custom Multiplayer Gametypes]
  • Team Rockets
    • Team Slayer, Rockets Only, Unlimited Grenades, No Motion Tracker, Games to 25 or 50 are good.
  • Explosives
    • Slayer, Rockets Only, Unlimited Grenades, No Motion Tracker, No Respawn Time, Games to 25 and 50 are good.
  • Vehicle Mayhem
    • Slayer or Team Slayer, Unlimited Grenades, Alien Weapons, 200% Health, All Vehicles, Games to 25 are good.
  • Team Sniper
    • Slayer, Snipers Only, No Motion Tracker, No Grenades, Games to 15 or 25 are good.
  • Pumpo
    • Slayer or Team Slayer, Unlimited Grenades, Shotguns Only, No Motion Tracker, No Shields, Games to 25 or 50 are good.
  • Alien vs. Predator
    • Slayer or Team Slayer, Alien Weapons, Invisible Players, No Motion Tracker
  • Golden Gun
    • Slayer or Team Slayer, Pistols Only, No Grenades, No Motion Tracker, No Shields, 50% Health, Games to 25 or 50 are good.

If you want to add a custom gametype to our list just post it in the Forum.

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