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Everyone that has tried Halo 2 knows that you can at some point or another use an energy sword. This weapon is a very powerful covenant melee weapon that could not be used by the player in the original Halo. This weapon has become a favorite of many people, especially in multiplayer. Here I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this weapon.

In multiplayer the energy sword never runs out of ammo (energy). This makes it quite a formidable weapon when things get a little sticky. Also there is only one in the game at all times (default gameplay that is, you can set other weapon options of course). This weapon has a crosshair that changes color. When in range, the crosshair will turn red and this is when the weapon is most deadly. When you press attack you will lunge forward into a killer uppercut that usually dismembers your opponent. This advantage of a one hit kill is very nice when in tight spaces on many maps. While it is effective close up, there are several draw backs to using the sword.

Whenever someone comes at me with a sword I try to simply back away from them while firing. Usually this is all I have to do to kill the player where they stand. Another good idea is to try and move around quickly when attacking someone with a sword. Without a lock-on (red crosshair) the sword does not do as much damage and it can take several hits to kill an opponent. I would recommend grabbing the sword if you come across it, but I would never actively seek it as a weapon. When you do use the sword try and get the lock on. Also never jump when trying to charge an opponent, it only slows you down, try instead to dodge.

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