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Now I am going to go into the eggs of specific levels. In the first level the Master Chief is on the bridge of the pillar of Autumn and there is a bulletin board filled with little Easter Eggs the guys at Bungie left for our enjoyment. Once again turn up the resolution and get out the magnifying glass and try to read these bad boys. HBO has a full list if you are too lazy to try to decipher them yourself.

I am about to talk about the most elaborate Easter egg that I have ever encountered in a game. The Megg. Taking on this hunt is not for the faint of heart or for rookie Halo players. There are many steps involved and it is not easy to pull off, but just saying you did it may make it all worthwhile. The back-story and instructions can be found here. However, if you care to chance this without specific instructions then I will give you a few clues. Start a game on Legendary; you need to find a way to skip the tutorial. Then you need to do several things on the bridge. You need to get Cortana to say “Rampant.” Lastly if you go farther than the first large room after the bridge you have gone too far. Good luck.

The next two eggs are really the same prize in two different places. The level is Assault on the Control Room, any difficulty, either co-op or single player. The prize is music, the Siege of Madrigal from Bungie's Myth. If you want to hunt for yourself and don't know what the Siege of Madrigal sounds like you can get it from HBO here. Both places in the level require you to fly in some form to reach them. On the first you need to be very quick at the beginning of the level. On the second you also need to be very quick to get to your flying machine and you need to be a very good pilot to land it correctly. If these clues are not good enough or you again are lazy here is what you do: For the first when you exit the pelican you can quickly turn and get back into it and it will take off down the well. Jump out and get on the ledge and walk around until you hear the music. You can also do this by Banshee or some tricky jumping in co-op mode. Banshee must reach the second spot. When you exit into the main valley leading to the Control Room you come to a bridge where a Banshee is parked but the Elite pilot will take off quickly in it if you don't dispose of him first. Once in the Banshee fly it to the pillar in front of the door to the Control Room. Land the Banshee on the middle of the three ledges and walk to the right corner. Turn up the speakers and enjoy.

This next egg is not the greatest in my opinion but it is an easier one to find. First I will give you a few clues and if you can't find it I'll tell you anyway. The level is Keyes on any difficulty with any mode. The prize is the Captain's contraband corncob pipe, happy hunting. For those of you that want to know the location it is easy. Keyes turns into a balloon type flood in this level and the Master Chief finds him on the “bridge” of the Truth and Reconciliation. He has appendages that go all over the room and on the end of one is the corncob pipe, not really that much of an egg but a good one for rookie hunters. See the screenshot here on HBO.

Moving on to the last two eggs, both are on the last level of Halo, any difficulty, and any mode. The Maw is possibly one of the greatest and most fun video game levels ever devised by mankind. To go with this is one of the funniest eggs of all time. Here are the clues, you are looking for a grunt that won't shoot you and only says one line. The last clue is that you find him on the way to the Longsword in the Warthog. For all you that are stumped here it is: Once you set up the Pillar of Autumn for its destruction, jump in the Warthog and start the race. After watching Foe Hammer's untimely demise keep a look on the right wall for a passage around 915 meters out. Take it and then ditch the warthog halfway down and take another right. There is a single black armored grunt amidst a lot of bodies and he says, “Good thing that food nipple's waitin' for me at the starship, cause, man! Have I worked up a big, grunty, thirst!" You can hear the audio clip from Bungie on HBO. The music is quite loud here so you have to concentrate to make out the words.

The last egg found so far in Halo is also in the Maw, any difficulty, and any mode. This time you are hunting for the tag of the Maws creator written in blood. The last clue is that you need some good driving and jumping to get to see it; it is not on the main path. Here is the way: Jump in the Warthog again and head into the meat grinder that is the Maw. Near the end the Master Chief needs to make a very large jump in the Warthog. After you make that jump the Warthog dips under a bridge and goes up a ramp to another jump. Do not take this jump and instead prop the warthog on the right side on the ramp at the very end. Jump on the Warthog and then up on the ledge. Run back along the ledge and fall onto the bridge with the burning barrels. Take the door that was on the wall of the ledge and look on the right wall. Splattered in blood for all to see are the letters REX. A real challenge would be to see someone visit one or both of the eggs in the Maw and make it out to Longsword alive. Now that is Legendary.

Most of this information was taken from us here at gametruth.org playing Halo and from reading the sites of HBO, Bungie.net, and others. We do not claim to be the first to discover these eggs, but we have visited them all and wanted to give others a chance to enjoy them as well.

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